Meet IMRI303: Pioneering Sonic Journeys Through Time and Space

IMRI303, also known as Jeremy VanDomelen, emerges as a luminary force in the world of electronic music, driven by an insatiable passion for captivating soundscapes and infectious beats. Raised amid the vivacious energy of the early 90’s rave scene in Portland, Oregon. IMRI303’s roots in electronic music run deep, shaping his trajectory as a multifaceted DJ and producer.

Immersed in the exhilarating throes of the burgeoning rave culture, IMRI303’s fascination with electronic music ignited a fire within him at an early age. The pulsating rhythms, ethereal melodies, and kinetic energy of the scene left an indelible mark on his musical psyche, propelling him toward the decks as a DJ.

However, life’s currents led IMRI303 to a brief hiatus from the DJ booth. Yet, destiny’s course is one of perpetual resonance, and after a period of reflection, he rekindled his fervor for electronic music. Fueled by a renewed sense of purpose, IMRI303 ventured into uncharted territory, diving headfirst into the realm of music production. The result? A tapestry of original tracks that mirror his evolution as an artist, each composition is a testament to his journey of rediscovery.

IMRI303’s soundscapes are a fusion of nostalgia and innovation—a bridge between the allure of vintage techno and the experimental spirit of tech house. His music is a voyage, a sonic odyssey that transcends temporal boundaries and geographical confines. From the pulsating heart of Portland to the distant shores of Florida, IMRI303’s magnetic performances have resonated with audiences.

As a DJ and producer, IMRI303 crafts experiences that transcend mere auditory pleasure, reaching into the depths of the soul. His mixes are a testament to his profound understanding of the electronic music landscape, and his original productions reflect an unquenchable thirst for pushing boundaries. Whether he’s orchestrating a dancefloor journey behind the decks or weaving intricate layers in the studio, IMRI303’s signature style remains unmistakable.

So, if your heart beats to the rhythm of techno and tech house, IMRI303’s sonic explorations are an unmissable voyage. With a trajectory shaped by the past, an eye on the future, and an unbreakable bond with the present moment, IMRI303 is an artist who continues to push the envelope and inspire listeners to dance, dream, and transcend. Tune in and let the melodies guide you through the labyrinth of IMRI303’s musical universe.